How quantum computing will affect Generation Z?

As the Generation Z characterizes the specific set of values, quantum computing will help to shape the ecosystems according to these values and enable us to optimize the realities we are living in.

Agnieszka Zimolag
3 min readNov 6, 2019

The new technologies are shaping the generations to come. Quantum computing will be one of them. The development in quantum computing is advancing on an unprecedented scale and the sooner we realize how it can affect the society the better we will be able to adapt to it and make better use of it.

I have combined the quantum computing characteristics and what is being currently researched and made a forecast about how that will affect and help to shape the traits of Generation Z. How the characteristics of both will combine to shape the generations to come and create new sorts of values and expand their use cases. This research should give you insights into the emerging ecosystems and what will drive them. What technology will be formed based on them and what platforms will be created that will guide the generations through the new landscapes of quantum realities.

What will be your set of truths?

The full research can be found under this link:

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