Personal values as UX/UI Designer in the age of decentralization and automation

The longer and broader the road gets I feel like I need to stand firmly as what I believe in, how I experience myself, what I do every day, what I am passionate about, how I approach others and most importantly how I work with others in order to succeed. And as a designer, I am finally able to see what makes me different as a person and ultimately as a brand. I am my own brand. I feel like the experiences that I design should speak for itself but once I have them written down I might be able to get a level up and reflect on myself and stand even more firmly to the person I am striving to be. Thanks to my great teacher Alp from UCSC Silicon Valley Extension I got this incentive to put these into a comprehensive guide over the core values that describe me as UX/ UI Designer.













Product Designer at @IonQ

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