Woman UX Designer in Deep Tech — How I want to empower next-gen of UX Designers

Agnieszka Zimolag
2 min readMay 23, 2021

You might have probably seen a big wave of social media influencers in the sphere of UX Design, the Freelance world, Small businesses coaches, Mental coaching just to name a few. I am mind blown by how communities can be cherished and grow on these platforms. I am really drawn towards that direction too!

Challenge accepted!

I am myself UX Designer I have been observing that space for quite some time mostly from the angle of what content I envision for my

Instagram account — Quantum Trends

I think it is a very interesting challenge to think about who is your audience (current + future one), what they would like to see, who you want them to be, how you want to help them, and on top of that what type of content you want to curate and how you want it to be different from the rest?

What is also interesting about these IG accounts is that each of them presents the educational/entertainment content from a very specific perspective that might appeal to some audience and to some not.

What type of content I am interested in posting on the IG Account?

  • Downhills and uphills of the designer lifestyle
  • Some of the most interesting challenges of Millenials
  • Interesting tweets from the community around the evolution of the product designer role + changes in the industry
  • Educational content around navigating through the complexity that I hope will help designers prepare for the roles in deep tech
  • Explaining deep tech in a visual and fun way

If you are interested, please follow me!

Quantum Trends